Graduate Diploma in Global Marketing Management (Mandarin) (Blended) is for the Asian marketer to compete in a global environment; a good knowledge of Asian Business and Marketing is necessary but not sufficient. To manage marketing on a global level, expertise in global marketing strategy is needed. With globalisation, firms operate on a global basis. They organise their structures, resources, strategies, and people to address the world as a single market. However, marketing strategies and practices could vary across countries, due to differences in culture, economics, social and political factors.
Delivery mode is face-to-face and E-learning.


This is an 8-month part-time programme, covering 6 modules with a total of 216 contact hours.

The delivery of this programme involves lectures, group discussions, case studies and presentations by students. Classes are usually held three times a week. Weekend block classes may be available subject to adequate student enrolment. Weekly lectures are conducted by qualified and experienced local lecturers approved by the Institute.

Students are required to pass the overall assessment in order to be granted a passing grade for each module. All students are required to fulfil the attendance requirement of at least 75% for each module before they are considered eligible to take the examinations/assessment of the module concerned.