Application Procedures

Application ProceduresAn applicant must complete the prescribed Full-Time Programme application form and return it together with the following documents:

  1. Two copies of the Full-Time Programme Application Form, Form 16 and Form V36 – duly completed and signed by applicant at the relevant sections (the first set of forms must be original. The second set may be photocopies of the original set).
  2. Four recent passport-sized photographs (colour / black & white);
  3. Applicant’s official birth certificate (original copy);
  4. Applicant’s certified / notarized copies of highest educational certificates and result transcripts; (original copy);
  5. Applicant’s parents’ employment letter (including position, salary and period of work). This document can be issued by the company which he/she works for. A English version must attached if the employment letter is not written in English; (This employment letter is needed for Visa required country only);
  6. Applicant’s Passport photocopy and Personal particular page of applicant’s travel document (photocopy);
  7. Documentary proof of financial ability at minimum of S$30,000 for more than half a year in the form of bank statements / fixed deposit accounts / saving accounts (original copy). (Documentary proof of financial ability is needed for Visa required country only);

The completed application forms and supporting documents should be submitted to:

Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School
Admissions Department
410 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188726

Please contact our sales office at (65) 6411 1711 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.