The Advanced Diploma in International Business equips students with a combination of knowledge and skill sets to operate and compete in an increasingly integrated business world. Business executives and leaders interact with counterparts of diverse culture, diverse talent with varying experiences, working ethos and practices. The course covers key concepts and knowledge which are necessary for managing international business successfully.


This is a 6-month full-time programme, covering 4 modules with a total of 168 contact hours.

The delivery of this programme involves lectures, group discussions, case studies and presentations by students. Classes are usually held five times a week. Weekend block classes may be available subject to adequate student enrolment. Weekly lectures are conducted by qualified and experienced local lecturers approved by the Institute.

Students are required to pass the overall assessment in order to be granted a passing grade for each module. Singapore-based students are required to fulfill the attendance requirement of at least 75%, while international students requires of at least 90% for each module before they are considered eligible to take the examinations / assessment of the module concerned.