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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School recognises that a well-developed system of student support is vital to students’ ability to gain the best from their studies. A comprehensive range of student support services and facilities is provided and is continually reviewed for improvement. A system for recording and follow-up of student received queries, requests for advice and feedback is also instituted to cater for student needs. MIS Business School facilitates the provision of student support and guidance by ensuring that:


An experienced staff is identified to have overall responsibility for the coordination of student support and guidance issues;


Student support and guidance provision is met in ways which are appropriate to the Institute’s overall approach to learning, teaching and student support;


Appropriate staff are identified as first point of contact for each course of study;


Information regarding these first points of contact is communicated to all students and staff;


Support Services facilitate the provision of student support and guidance by ensuring that their services are documented and publicised to students and staff through a range of media including the Institutes’ web site.