Student Attendance

Student Attendance Policy 

1. The School requires all students to be regular and punctual for their lessons. Students who do not meet the minimum required attendance standards set may affect their course of studies such as not eligible to sit for the examinations.

2. The minimum attendance requirements and leave application policy guidelines are as follows:

  • International Students on Student Pass – minimum 90% per month
  • All Non-Student Pass holders – minimum 75% per module
  • Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) will be notified by the school whenever an International Students on Student Pass has a monthly attendance of less than 90%.
  • Student Pass Holders who miss 7 consecutive days of class will be liable to have their student pass be cancelled with effect from the 8th day and the letter of cancellation will be sent to student’s place of residence in Singapore as registered with the School.
  • Any student leave should be supported by Medical Certificates or justifications that need to be approved by the School. These should be submitted via the Student Leave Application Form to the Operations Department.

3. Lecturers will be taking attendance of the students via the attendance list and sign off on it each day.

4. Class attendance is to be taken at the start, after lunch break and at the end of each class. Students that enter the class within 15 minutes of the lesson time will be considered late, while students that arrive 15 minutes after the lesson time or leave 15 minutes before lesson’s ending time will be marked as absent.

5. Any students whose modular or overall attendance falls close to below the minimum attendance requirements in the Student Attendance Policy will receive warning letter from Operations Department.

6. Students with persistent low attendance will be called in for counselling as part of early intervention measures.

  • Disciplinary actions and the Student Disciplinary Policy would apply (for repeated offences)
  • As attendance is monitored and tracked by the School’s Attendance System, Warning Letters and Counselling would be issued based on the following operational guidelines:


International Student on Student Pass:

Attendance Rate (monthly) Action to be Taken
90% – 94% (1st Offence) Attendance Reminder Letter/Email
85% – 89% (2nd Offence) Warning Letter and Counselling
* Include notification of ICA and Cancellation of Student Pass reminder for attendance <85%
No improvement in attendance following Warning Letter Final Expulsion Letter
* Include Cancellation of Student Pass


Non-Student Pass Holders:

Attendance Rate (per module) Action to be Taken
75% – 79% (1st Offence) Attendance Reminder Letter/Email
70% – 74% (2nd Offence) Warning Letter and Counselling
No improvement in attendance following Warning Letter Final Expulsion Letter



Number of Times Late Action to be Taken
Late for 3 times per module Counselling
Late for more than 3 times per module Warning Letter