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At the Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School (MIS Business School), Assessment is an essential part of the teaching process which provides an evaluation of student learning.

The main objectives of assessment at MIS Business School are as follows:

  • To measure student attainment of learning outcomes
  • To provide systematic indications of the quality of learning for both teachers and students.
  • To maintain standards in higher education
  • To motivate students through their studies

Assessment and feedback are two of the most important aspects of MIS Business School’s commitment to high quality learning and teaching. There are clear links between the choice of assessment, the quality of feedback and the achievements of students. It is expected that assessments will be appropriate for their purpose and that feedback will be timely and support the learning process.


Assessment Methods

Assessment methods are chosen according to the goals for student learning which must be premised on the learning outcomes considered appropriate.

A general rule of thumb is to consider what learning will be assessed and how that learning will be assessed. One method of assessment would rarely satisfy all educational objectives and the use of a variety of methods is encouraged.

Assessment methods which are encouraged at MIS Business School are listed below. This list is not exhaustive and leaves scope for innovative assessment methods appropriate to the range of subjects and courses which are offered to our students:

  • Essays, reports, problem solving exercises, case studies
  • Oral presentations
  • Aural tests in appropriate subject areas
  • Individual and group projects