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Dispute Resolution

The Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School (MIS Business School) is committed to maintaining an environment where its staff and students can work and learn in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.

MISBS however realises that inevitably disagreements within the community or dissatisfaction with the service provided can arise. MIS Business School has instituted a program where students and staff can air their grievances and escalate their concerns if they feel that they have not received a satisfactory answer.

For details of the dispute resolution policy, please click here.

Student Grievance Resolution

MIS Business School approaches student grievance resolution according to the following guidelines:

the resolution of student grievances will be handled informally where possible and always documented;

student grievances will be addressed as close as possible to the source of student dissatisfaction;

grievances will be resolved expeditiously and with due regard for confidentiality;

grievances will be regarded by staff as valuable input to the continuous improvement of programs, policies, procedures and services;

grievance procedures and the support available to students will be widely publicised to facilitate access to the grievance resolution process;

For details of the student grievance resolution policy, please click here.

Feedback And Complaints Escalation

The Marketing Institute of Singapore is committed to providing high quality, responsive and accessible service.

However, there may be times students feel unhappy about the service they received or wish to make a suggestion about how MIS Business School might improve. MIS Business School hopes that students would also want to tell the Institute when they have been particularly happy with the service they have received. Students’ complaints, suggestions and compliments are important to MIS Business School because they help the Institute improve its services. This approach is consistent and aligned with the Vision, Mission and Values of MIS Business School.

For details of the feedback and complaints escalation policy, please click here.

Deferment, Transfer And Withdrawal

Requests from students, who wish to defer or withdraw from their studies, or repeat a particular subject(s), will be checked to ensure that they comply with the requirements set. Students are informed of the status of their requests and given the necessary information and instructions timely.

Refund Policy

The policy of the Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School is to be fair and equitable when dealing with requests for a refund.

This refund information which is included in the Student contract forms a binding agreement between the student and the Institute, should a student be accepted into the School.

The policy for Refunds at MISBS is to strictly comply with the requirements defined in the Student Contract.

For details of the refund policy, please click here.

Environment, Health And Safety Policy

The Marketing Institute of Singapore Business School is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all staff, students, faculty and visitors. MISBS recognises that safety to our students, staff, faculty and visitors is crucial, and we are committed to achieving high standards in environmental, health and safety (EHS) practices. Workplace safety and health is an integral part of providing a conducive environment for teaching and learning.